wpd’s philosophy flows around the concept of intelligent use of our planet’s resources, and thinking of energy in new ways.

Our atmosphere is always in motion. Wind is caused by enormous air masses that strive for the balance between high and low pressure areas. The technology is available to capture the wind’s kinetic potential, converting it into useful electrical energy. Our commitment is to work with the natural flows of our planet’s climate by harnessing the wind, reducing our energy impact on our world.

There is overwhelming scientific consensus that the impacts of our fossil fuel dependence will have long-lasting repercussions on our health, ecosystems, economies, and the global climate. Fossil fuels are unsustainable, and increasingly unaffordable.  Renewable generation, such as wind energy, offer a clean, sustainable alternative.  

Just as the wind changes direction, we strive to change traditional perspectives. We constantly appraise our work, find new solutions, and adopt advances in technologies. We strive not only to harness the wind, but continually learn from it: resilience, attention to detail, and best business practices are crucial in successful renewable energy development.  We believe there are endless synergistic opportunities with wind energy, and will continue to focus on growing a strong, sustainable future.


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