Working with Community Groups

Community groups are in a unique position to benefit their members through the growth of the wind industry. Harvesting their wind resources and/or pooling finances can be an attractive option for groups with a common purpose. For some, the finances, or the challenges inherent in the successful launch and operation a wind farm is beyond the group’s resources. These groups may find that a partnership with a successful developer can be a viable option.

wpd Canada understands the needs and aspirations of community-based groups that desire to participate in renewable energy projects. wpd will seek to find creative ways to achieve these goals and aspirations with potential community partners while maintaining a strong and viable business model.

wpd has installed over 2,500 turbines worldwide and has created valuable returns for its partners. It has a track record of successful development that assures access to turbines from the best manufacturers. Together with renowned financial institutions, it has established solid financing concepts with a steady stream of capital. wpd is a solid, reputable partner interested in working with groups that wish to participate in wind development.

If your group is interested in exploring options, contact Ian MacRae at:

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