Working with First Nations and Métis Communities

First Nations and Métis communities have known, honoured and preserved the concept of sustainable living and prudent use of natural resources over the generations.  As the world embarks on a renaissance towards conservation and renewable energy strategies, it is only fitting that we embrace the First Nations and Métis communities in the process of delivering a solution to dwindling resources, climate change, and unsustainable development.

Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it will take the knowledge, strength and resources of First Nations and Métis Communities, the government, non-profit trade associations,  developers, skilled workers, consultants, etc. to bring about the vision of Ontario`s Green Energy and Green Economy Act.  

Sharing our Knowledge
wpd Canada participated in the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) workshop, the Ontario First Nation Economic Developers Association (OFNEDA) Information Sessions held in Sault Ste. Marie from February 9 – 11.  wpd shared some of its best practices for wind development with approximately 100 attendees: Chiefs, Economic Development Officers and band staff. Using a case study from its own project portfolio, wpd addressed wind resource measurement, turbine placement (siting) strategies, capacity factor determinations, risk factor assessments and project economics. If you have any questions regarding wpd’s presentation or questions on how to become partners for the future, feel free to contact us.  

Partnering with First Nation and Métis Communities
In the words of Lake Huron Regional Chief and Serpent River Chief Isadore Day, "The Green Energy Act and the required expansion of Ontario's transmission network present significant opportunities for First Nations."  
- Nation Talk, November 26, 2009

Recognizing that First Nations and Métis communities face unique circumstances as entrants in the distributed Renewable Energy Sector, Ontario responded with the creation of the Aboriginal Adder in the Feed-In-Tariff Program, the Aboriginal Loan Guarantee Program (ALGP) and the Aboriginal Energy Partnerships Program. Each of these programs address specific areas to improve and increase Aboriginal participation in renewable generation.

These programs foster partnerships and accommodate varying degrees of Aboriginal ownership.  For example, the ALGP guarantees up to 75% of the Aboriginal equity up to a project maximum of $50 million.  The program requires experienced proponents and project partners with track records in construction and operation.

wpd Canada can partner with First Nations and Métis communities to fulfill this program requirement. wpd has a long history of providing high-quality commercially viable projects. In fact, wpd has an installed capacity of approximately 3,600 MW and 1,900 wind turbines spanning 18 countries.

To underscore its financial strength, wpd has annually received the "A-Rating" of the Euler Hermes Agency, a subsidiary of the Allianz Group. This independent evaluation of our company’s financial soundness is only one indication of our favourable status-quo and our excellent perspectives for the future.

Consulting with First Nations and Métis Communities
wpd recognizes that the Renewable Energy projects occur in communities, on Crown land and/or on Aboriginal lands. We are dedicated to ensuring that our projects benefit the ‘hosts’ for our projects and will work to reduce any potential negative impacts.  

Aboriginal consultation is mandatory for applicants of OPA Renewable Energy generation contracts. The Ministry of the Environment will provide the list of Aboriginal communities that must be notified regarding each project. We take that consultation seriously and hope to build trusting relationships during the process. 


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