Canada’s Potential

Wind is one source of energy generation that electrical system managers are able to draw upon to ensure a reliable supply of electricity in Ontario.  With continual improvements in weather forecasting, system managers are more accurately able to predict the amount of wind energy that will feed into the system.  As the capacity of renewable sources increases over time, there will be less need to draw on other, more harmful sources.  

wpd’s contracts with the Ontario Power Authority (now the Independent Electricity System Operator, or IESO) are based on a Feed In Tariff (FIT) model which guarantees grid access, a stable price and a 20 year contract.  During their lifespan, wpd’s projects will create direct construction jobs, and permanent operations and maintenance jobs.  Local materials will be used where available and competitively priced.  The projects will provide increased tax revenue to the host municipalities.  In addition, the future of family farms will be made a little more secure by providing farmers a guaranteed income for a number of years, while allowing them to continue to use the surrounding land as they see fit.  Farmers and their families will find challenging economic times a little easier to endure.


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